How to Sign Up to a Trip

Attention: Trip Leaders are responsible for the safety of everyone on their trip. If the trip leader is not satisfied with the skill level/competency of any participant on their trip, then the trip leader has the prerogative to not allow such participant to engage in activities on their trip. The trip leader may ask that the participant shall either be required to demonstrate the skills or not participate, period. RMIT Outdoors Club considers safety as paramount and will not allow any member to jeopardise the safety of other participants. Trip leaders are well in their right to exercise such exclusion to not allow participants they deem unsafe. This does not constitute discrimination when safety is at stake.

  1. Choose a trip
    Select a trip on ROC’s upcoming trips page and open up the page for your trip of choice, by clicking on that trip’s name.
  2. Read the trip details
    Make sure you have read what the trip leader has to say about that trip. Especially take note of difficulty level, prerequisites, what you need, etc. If the trip leader has asked you to read few things prior to the trip, such as maps, then make sure you do. It is YOUR responsibility. Failing to read trip details and ignorance is no excuse. You are only putting yourself and everyone else in danger by not following instructions and overestimating your abilities.
  3. Join your selected trip
    At the bottom of the page, after the trip detail, there is a button. Click that button!

    1. If the trip is Full, then you will be put directly on waitlist
  4. Fill out details
    Fill in your details on the page that opens up. Ensure your details are filled correctly.

    If you have indicated that you can drive, then enter other relevant details in full. Enter your car’s Rego, Make and Model. Think carefully about how many passengers you can take. However, this doesn’t mean you actually get to drive. Trip leader decides the car-pooling; it’s their prerogative. However, if you don’t want to be included in the carpooling, but yet want to drive, let the trip leader know via comments section.

    If you want to hide your participation (if confirmed on a trip), then select ‘Yes’ radio-button as shown below:

    Hit the button at the bottom of the page.
    You have now requested to join the trip and will receive an email confirming this. If you DON’T get an email, then something has gone amiss.
  5. Wait for confirmation email from trip leader
    Now that you are successfully on the trip’s request list, you will be contacted by the trip leader approximately a week (or even less) before the trip to confirm whether or not you have a place on the trip.

NOTE: If you are not a current paid ROC member, you will be notified and your request to join the trip will be unsuccessful. Please see our How to Join page to become a member.

Still having trouble?

Check your junk mail / spam folder!
If you’re having trouble signing up to a trip then contact the trip leader.
If you still need more information or help, contact the activity coordinator(s).
Your best bet is still to contact the trip leader directly.
If a trip has been cancelled or removed, then there is nothing much you or anyone else can do.

Last Updated: July 7, 2018