How We Work


RMIT Outdoors Club (ROC) is a not-for-profit club, run by volunteers with the assistance from RMIT. We’re here to give people a good time in the wonderful world of the great outdoors!

Our goal is to run as many trips as possible, in many different disciplines to give people the chance to experience various activities, to gain skills for adventuring and surviving in the wilderness and to really connect with nature and other like minded people.

We welcome anyone to our club who wants to take part and only ask for enthusiasm and respect in return. Any other knowledge necessary to take part in these activities can be learnt along the way on our training trips!

Love and care for the wild, wise and wonderful nature around you and we will take you on some thrilling and life enriching adventures!

It works like this:

  • Join the club
  • Sign up for as many trips as you like. Do remember the trips up to which you have signed.
    Come to any social events or meetings you wish. Make friends, have a blast spending your weekends in the mountains and under the stars
  • If you do enjoy what you get out of the club, consider giving back, by doing any of the following:
    • Running club trips
    • Helping out in the gear room
    • Running social events
    • Joining our committee and helping with decisions on the finer points
  • And as you get more experienced you may be able to further help out the club by:
    • Becoming a convenor of your favourite activity
    • Take training courses to help those less experienced
    • and more!

What happens when I join a trip online?

When you are a member and join up for a trip (by selecting the join trip button on the specified trip page) you will be prompted to give us some details that are important for us in planning the trip.

This includes whether or not you will be driving and where you live (planning the car-pool list is one of the main tasks involved in running a trip!).
From then on you will be on the trip interest list. Closer to the trip you will be confirmed for the trip or notified if either there isn’t enough space on the trip or the trip is cancelled for some unforeseen reason like weather.

At this point it’s time to look into what gear you may need to hire for the upcoming trip – details about this will be listed under Trip Details or the trip leader will contact you with details.

Then a few days before the trip, the trip leader will contact you with car pool details. From here you follow instructions given to you by trip leader. Which will basically be – contact your driver and arrange pick up, meet at meeting point and together with the team go and have an amazing day hiking/surfing/climbing or whatever it is you’re doing!!