ROC snow trips are run when there is enough snow to ski on. We have to take advantage of a short snow season and due to this, trips can go up at the last minute.

Our focus is on human powered snow trips, such as cross-country skiing and backcountry skiing/riding. The club has a good selection of patterned based skis and boots, that are ideal for cross-country skiing, telemark skiing and beginner friendly touring. We also have a few alpine touring skis, splitboards and skins.

All the cross country trips are beginner friendly. We do very few downhill resort snow trips. However, for those wanting to get out into the backcountry, you do need to be a competent skier/board, as the backcountry is ungroomed downhill runs out in the middle of nowhere. Downhill resorts can give you more mileage to become a competent skier/boarder.

ROC runs one of the biggest snow trips out of the university outdoors clubs, called XMAS in July, but generally held in August. The traditional location is Edmondson Hut. We leave Melbourne on Friday afternoon and drive to Falls Creek. We ski to Edmondson Hut, under the cover of darkness, but if we are very lucky by the light of a full moon, arriving in the wee hours of Saturday morning. After a couple of hours of sleep, people either go for a downhill ski or ride around the hut, build snow caves or igloos. Saturday night we celebrate together with a Christmas dinner and a Kris Kringle. Sunday morning we head back to the cars and to Melbourne.


The majority of ROC snow trips are run in Victoria with the day trips to Mt Stirling, Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain. Weekend trips to the Alpine National Park, from Bogong high plains to Mt Feathertop. When we have longer than just a weekend, we sometimes run trips to the Snowy Mts, NSW.


Trip length ranges anywhere from a day in the snow, to a week or more spent touring the backcountry. Day trips involve an early start. Weekend trips generally leave on Friday evenings, with a night of driving, and for those crazy enough, walking up steep mountains.

If you have any questions please contact the snow sports convenor/s.