Surfing is a sport that doesn’t need an introduction – you’ve all watched Point Break, and you love it. If you haven’t, then you haven’t lived. The only thing better than watching Johnny Utah and Bodhi carving it up is doing it yourself, and Australia is certainly the place to do it!

RMIT Outdoors Club caters for surfers of all levels – from absolute beginners to those with the skills and the lingo. First-timers are given introductory lessons prior to getting in the water. You’ll be out there hanging ten and squealing with excitement before you know it! After a day in the water, you’ll have a chance to kick back at a beach house and brag about the barrels that you conquered…

The club holds regular weekend trips during the warmer months of the year (October to April). All members are also encouraged to take initiative and organise their own trips. We have boards and wetsuits for use on club trips, as well as other goodies such as beach volleyball and cricket kits. Apart from the surfing, you’ll be meeting new people, having barbeques, rolling around in the sand, getting sunburnt, etc.


There’s nothing like a relaxing day on the beach, unless there is an annoying wind blowing sand at you. well turn that wind from annoying to useful by coming out windsurfing.
The club has a variety of boards and sails for all levels of windsurfers, from beach sitters to professional wind surfers, and runs a number of trips catered to those who want to slice through the waves, or to those who are just going to drift across a pond.
This is one of those sports which nobody really knows or thinks about, but luckily its also one of those sports that can be really awesome and exciting once you learn a few basic skills, and can show you into a whole world of wind powered water transportation.
If you are interested in trying wind surfing, or if you have any prior experience at all. please contact the windsurfing convenor with your details to discuss trips and opportunities.

FUN FUN FUN is guaranteed!

If you have any questions please contact one of the surfing convenors.