How to Hire Gear

The Gear Room exists to help facilitate the running of club trips and to provide club members with gear they might otherwise lack access to. We have a large variety of gear for each club activity as well as books and maps for members to read. The gear is available for all club members to use, so please do take good care of it.

The Gear Room is maintained and opened regularly by volunteer gear officers. To see a list of our available gear can be found here.

Regular Gear Room Hours

Days Open Close
Tuesdays 18:30 19:30
Thursdays 18:30 19:30

(Closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year)

Opening hours may be subject to change so please keep an eye on our website, as well as our social media pages (e.g. facebook and instagram) for any updates to our gear room hours.

The club Gear Room is located on the RMIT City Campus in Building-42, Level-1. See the maps below for more details.

For any enquires about the gear room or gear hire you can contact the gear officers at gear [at] roc [dot] org [dot] au We also have a phone at the gear room that can be called during out operating hours in case you have any queries.

A full list of gear that is available for hire can also be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


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Gear Hire Policy

  • Only current club members have the privilege to hire gear.
  • Any gear hired must be for personal use only unless in the case of running a club trip (members are limited to only one set of gear outside of this exception).
  • To hire gear for non-club trips, members must have participated in at least 1 club trip for general gear (camping) and a minimum of 3 trips for (activity specific) gear excluding certain safety gear.
  • Certain gear has additional requirements for hiring, eg convenor approval or skill requirements. Please check our gear list for restricted items and contact the relevant convenor and gear officers for more information.
  • All hires must be recorded by gear officers on paper and through our loan system.
  • All hires require a minimum deposit of $50 and all hire fees and deposits are to be paid upfront in cash only.
  • Gear needed for club trips has priority over non-club trips and may be recalled.
  • Camping gear and/or clothing is not included in club trip fees.
  • Gear hire is charged on a weekly basis. Please discuss with gear officers if additional time is required when hiring, or for extensions email gear [at] roc [dot] org [dot] au
  • Penalties will apply for late return and/or return of gear in poor condition, eg wet, muddy, or damaged.
  • If gear is being returned by someone on your behalf then gear officers must be notified in writing beforehand or your deposit will not be returned at that time.
  • Club members are not allowed to hire when they still have overdue gear.
  • The Gear Officers reserve the right to make final decisions about gear hire at their discretion.

COVID-19 Related Policies

  • Sharing of club equipment is prohibited in accordance to RMIT’s policies.
  • Convenors and trip leaders with deposits in the system will be able to loan essential safety equipment and items for their respective activities (this will require consulting and obtaining approval from the gear officers beforehand)
  • Gear transfers will also require consulting gear officers and any relevant convenors during this time to ensure gear is not misused and is transferred safely/correctly. For transfers for personal use, senior gear officers must be consulted BEFORE the transfer is done and the recipient of the gear must meet the general requirements listed on our website.
  • Inappropriate use of club gear will be regarded as a reportable incident given the clear guidelines set by ROC/RMIT and any members suspected of breaking the guidelines will be referred to exec, lose access to held gear and have their gear hiring privileges revoked while the matter is investigated.

Failing to follow this policy may result in penalties.

Updated: 22nd of September 2023 Notes: Minor edits. Added image posters.
Updated: 22nd of March 2017 Notes: Minor edits. Added cash information.
Updated: 9th of December 2017 Notes: Improved formatting and clarification of terms.
Updated: 10th of January 2018 Notes: Revised gear policies by gear room offices 2018.
Updated: 10th of June 2020 Notes: Additions to gear hire relating to COVID-19 policies.
Updated: 29th of June 2020 Notes: Updated Gear hire rules and introduction

Gear Transfer Policy

  • Gear can only be transferred between trip-leaders. The procedure is as follows:
    1. Send an email to the Gear Officers at gear [at] roc [dot] org [dot] au and include all those who are involved, including those who are receiving the gear. This must be done before the transferring of gear.
    2. Put “ROC Gear Transfer Request” in the subject line.
    3. Make sure you mention whom the gear is being transferred to and list the gear that is being transferred (type and quantity).
    4. Clearly state if the gear is being transferred for club or non-club/private use.
    5. Both parties must have deposits within the system, otherwise the deposit must be transferred alongside the gear. This transfer of money needs to be mentioned in this email.
  • Once the transfer is processed by the gear officers then your loan will be updated and a new loan made for the person who received the gear. Until that happens you are still responsible for the gear.

Failing to follow this policy may result in penalties.

Free Gear Hire Privileges

In recognition of their assigned role/s and effort they put into helping keep the club running, some members are given the privilege of some free gear hire. The limits of this privilege will vary depending on the role of the member and their involvement within ROC.

  • Trip organisers, and trip leaders get free use of activity-specific gear for trips that they are an actively designated organiser/leader for.
  • Activity convenors are permitted to freely hire one full set of activity specific gear from their individual activity, which can be used for both club trips and personal use. Club trips will still take priority and extended use will require consultation with and approval from the senior gear officers.
  • Gear officers and executive committee members are permitted free use of one full set of gear for any activity, including camping which can be used for both club trips and personal hires.
  • Activity specific gear will still have the usual restrictions and require approval and potentially additional prerequisites from the respective activity.