Caving & Speleology

Caving allows you to explore rarely visited wild caves and see spectacular formations. Victoria has over 800 caves of various types with almost half of them being around Buchan and Murrindal in the state’s far east. Caving may require abseiling into a cavern so large you can’t see the walls or floor, short sections of the ultimate in indoor rock climbing, or crawling on your belly through a narrow tunnel. It will almost certainly involve mud, and it will definitely be enjoyable!


Labertouche and Brittania creek are the closest caves to Melbourne and are great for day trips. These caves run along underground river systems and are great for beginners to test out their claustrophobia. These caves provide a great chance for seeing glow worms.

You need 2-3 days to start exploring the immense cave systems running through Buchan. These caves give you the opportunity to see spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations. All the caves at Buchan are unique in their own way – different colours, shapes and decorations – and most require you to abseil or climb down a ladder into the first cavern.


 Overalls, helmets, headtorches and spare batteries are needed to explore the underground, as well as a sense of adventure, not being afraid to crawl around and get dirty, and it helps if you’re not claustrophobic!

If you have any questions please contact the caving convenor.

Last Updated: April 6, 2023