–  John Muir

By saying this John Muir describes a feeling us climbers know all too well. The feeling that once you started, rock climbing is not a choice anymore it is a necessity. it becomes the one thing in your life you think about, you long for and which makes you happy.

Rock climbing is for everyone: no matter how inexperienced you are, how much time you have or how fit you are, join us and discover a sport which will get you hooked. We run trips for all levels form beginner trips suited to people who have never done it before to lead climbing trips to remote locations all over Australia. This is paired with a training program which is designed to give you the opportunity to develop your climbing and rope skills safely at every level.

Rock climbing in the club is more than just another outdoor sport and another excuse to accumulate lots of gear. It’s a way to challenge your brain and your body, an excuse to travel to beautiful places and a way to form friendships with others.

And don’t forget the beers!

If you have any questions please contact one of the rock climbing convenors.

Check details on the Committee page.

How we’ve been tracking so far in 2018:

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Last Updated: April 6, 2023