Membership Fees

Current RMIT Students

Annual: $35
Single Semester: $30

Everyone Else

Annual: $70
Single Semester: $50

Membership Expiry Dates

Annual membership expires at the end of the year on 31st of December.
Semester 1 membership expires on 30th of June.
Semester 2 membership expires at the end of the year on 31st of December.

Multi-Club Membership Discount

If you are also a member of another University Outdoors Club in Melbourne, you are eligible for a $20 discount. Once you have purchased your full price membership, you need to come to the gear room during opening hours and present your current and valid membership card from the respective club. You will then receive a $20 cash refund.


  1. Only available for full year Non Student memberships
  2. Your membership must be with one or more of the clubs from the list below:
    1. Melbourne University Mountaineering Club (MUMC),
    2. Monash University Outdoors Club (MUOC),
    3. LaTrobe University Mountaineering Club (LUMC),
    4. Australian Catholic University Victorian Outdoors Club (AVOC), or
    5. Victoria University Outdoors Adventures Club (VUOAC).
  3. You must have a valid 2020 membership card from one of these clubs to receive your discount
  4. Gear Officers have the right to refuse discount at anytime

How to Join or Renew Membership

RMIT Student Life (formerly Link) has recently upgraded their website and some functionalities might not work as intended. If you encounter problems/bugs, please let us know at We will try our best to assist and fix the problem asap. If you want to update your email, check this FAQ entry.

Joining or Renewing

  • Go to Outdoors Club page on RMIT Student Life and click “Join or Renew”
    • RMIT Student Life coordinates all the RMIT Clubs & Societies. You will need to use this website to set up an account and pay your membership

Signing In

If you haven’t signed in already, you’ll be prompted to do so.

  • RMIT Student, Staff and Alumni
    • If you have a current student, staff or alumni account with RMIT (your email/account is active using single sign on), then use the first choice as shown below
    • You will be taken to RMIT’s Single Sign-On page
  • Community Members
    • If you have an existing account, choose the second option to Sign in using a community account (as shown above)
      • If you don’t remember your email, it’s the one you have used in the past to sign up
    • If you DO have an account, first ensure that your details are correct in RMIT Student Life Account
      • Go here to update your details:
      • Ensure that your email is correct and that you can receive and access messages sent to that address.
        • If you are not a student any more, you must update this before purchasing membership
        • Check our FAQ on updating your email
      • IF and ONLY IF you are an RMIT Student, then your User Type should be ‘Student‘. Otherwise, it should be ‘Other‘ or as appropriate
      • DO NOT put your UserType as ‘Student’ if you are a student of other university
      • Your student membership purchase will be cancelled and refunded if you are not an RMIT Student

Registering a New Account

You only need to register an account if you are a community member. If you are an RMIT student, staff or alumni, you MUST use your RMIT Account.

  • If you do not have a community account, click on “Register” on top of the page. This can be done from any page other than sign-in page
  • For instance, go to
  • Follow the prompts thereon

Resetting your password

If you have forgotten your password to sign into RMIT Student Life website, then you may have to first reset your password before you can sign-in. Note that this is only relevant for Community account holders. If you are an RMIT student, then you must do that using RMIT’s password reset portal. 

Continue Joining/Renewing

  • When you are asked to select a group, just click “General Club Members 2020” (or whichever is visible and applicable)
    • Click on ‘Select’ or ‘Continue’, in case you have previously tried to join
  • Then you will be asked to select Student Membership or General Membership
    • Select the relevant product for either a Semester or Full Year
  • Click “add to cart” and follow rest of the instructions on RMIT Student Life’s website to complete with the payment
  • After the payment, two things you will need to do:
    1. Activate your Membership: Follow the instructions in the notification email you will receive to send us your details through email
    2. Collect Membership Card: Come to the Gear Room to collect your membership card during opening hours only
  • Sign up to trips and have fun



Still having trouble?

  • Try signing up on a Computer. RMIT Student Life’s website doesn’t work well on mobile screens
  • For issues signing up using the RMIT Student Life UniOne website, contact Sport & Recreation at
  • Is your account still inactive? You need to send your details to the club upon paying your membership. Check your spam for an email titled “Welcome to the RMIT Outdoors Club – Membership Activation Required”
    • If you have sent your details, it takes between 1-3 business days for your membership activation. This is a manual process.
    • Wait until 3 business days to see if you are unable to join on trips.
  • For other enquires in regards to joining, you can email us at


Last Updated: November 2, 2022