RMIT Outdoors Club Nicola Andrews Adventure Fund

In 2016, the RMIT Outdoors Club launched the Nicola Andrews Adventure Fund!

This initiative has been set up in memorial to our dear Nicola, who tragically lost her life late 2015. Nicola was a centrepiece to our club, committee and outdoor community so we wish to honour her by creating this fund.

To have a chance to access the funds raised, club members must submit a detailed application of their dream adventure including a proposal for what they wish to spend the funding on. Then, in short – we choose the most epic, adventurous, well planned out trip/s and we award the fund for the year!

Obviously there’s a bit more to it than that, so please see the attached documents below for all the information you need.

Applications for 2020/2021 are now OPEN! Applications can be submitted to at anytime before April 10th (Good Friday) 2020. This year there will be no deadline extensions.

Previous Nicola Andrews Adventure Fund Recipients:

Tim Billington – Ismoil Somoni Peak – Communism Peak – 7495m, Tajikistan
The highest peak ever to be reached by a ROC member

Lewis Clarey and Alex Williams – New Zealand Expedition to Explore Alpine Caves
Hope of discovering caves never before found by man

Last Updated: November 17, 2020